Installing Trellis

Install requirements

Trellis relies on a few other software tools. Make sure all dependencies have been installed before moving on:

This is the minimum requirements for a development server. Vagrant automatically takes care of the Ansible dependency for us by default.

To speed up future dev VM provisioning, or for remote servers, you'll need to install Ansible locally on your host machine.

See Requirements under Remote Server Setup.

Create a project

The recommended directory structure for a Trellis project looks like:      # → Root folder for the project
├── trellis/      # → Your clone of this repository
└── site/         # → A Bedrock-based WordPress site
    └── web/
        ├── app/  # → WordPress content directory (themes, plugins, etc.)
        └── wp/   # → WordPress core (don't touch!)

See a complete working example in the repo.

Pick a descriptive name for your project and use it instead of the default We recommend the domain of the site for convenience.

  1. Create a new project directory:
$ mkdir && cd
  1. Clone Trellis:
$ git clone --depth=1 && rm -rf trellis/.git
  1. Clone Bedrock:
$ git clone --depth=1 site && rm -rf site/.git

Windows user? Read the Windows docs for slightly different installation instructions.

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