Roots embraces the open source ethos and believes in peer production. Through our team and community, we have dedicated thousands of person-hours to building and continuously improving our projects since 2011. Over 300 contributors have come together to help make better tools for WordPress under the Roots name.

News about Roots

Trusted by some of the most forward thinking brands

100,000+ Sage sites on the web
5,000 new projects created a month

20,000+ Bedrock installs on the web
4,000 new projects created a month


Roots Community Leaders

  • Michael Delaney Michael Delaney
  • Ben Martinez-Bateman Ben Martinez-Bateman
  • Nathan Knowler Nathan Knowler
  • Matt Mirus Matt Mirus

Roots Alumni

  • Chris Carr Chris Carr
  •  Austin Pray Austin Pray

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