Roots is a team of developers that have come together to work on open source projects.

Roots embraces the open source ethos and believes in peer production. Through our team and community, we have dedicated thousands of person-hours to building and continuously improving our projects since 2011. Over 300 contributors have come together to help make better tools for WordPress under the Roots name.

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Roots was originally just a WordPress starter theme that was created late-2009 by Ben Word. Scott Walkinshaw started contributing in 2011, and the Roots theme was released to the public on March 28th, 2011.

Roots has evolved into a full breadth starting point for website development and spawned additional projects to support and enhance it. It has created an entire community of conversation on what web development should be and how it has sometimes lost its way. It has grown into a team of open source developers who are dedicated to making the web better.

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    • Blog
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  • WordCamp Atlanta 2015: Using Roots/Sage 8.0.0 – A Modern Developers Starter Theme
  • WordCamp Raleigh 2014: Roots: The starter theme that will make you a better developer
  • WordCamp Ottawa 2014: Modern WordPress Development
  • WordCamp LAX 2014: A Starter Theme Workflow with Roots
  • WordCamp Orlando 2014: Roots Starter Theme

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