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Thousands of developers build their WordPress sites and apps with Roots tools. We have been dedicated to continuously improving and maintaining our projects since 2011.

We have a long-standing committment to maintaining our projects

Sage, our starter theme, has been around since 2011. We have been maintaining it ever since. Bedrock, our WordPress boilerplate with Composer, was released in 2013. Trellis, our DIY hosting & local development solution for WordPress, has been maintained and improved since 2014.

Take a look at our latest releases to see how we are constantly improving our projects.

We have a reputation for keeping developers up-to-date

What some folks have had to say about us:

“It’s a much more advanced way of making a WordPress site. I stuck with it because it's where the industry is now, and I think it's essential to stay-up-to-date and employable outside the WordPress world.”
“Sage, Bedrock and Trellis by Roots have challenged me to become a better WordPress developer over the years + modernize my toolset.”

The Roots community is passionate about helping others have a better WordPress development experience

Our community is made up of thousands of developers who take pride in building a better web. We have a Discourse forum where you can ask questions, get help, and share your projects.

Roots is loved by developers because it makes building with WordPress less frustrating

WordPress is known to have a not-so-great developer experience. One of the biggest reasons that developers love working with Roots is that it makes WordPress development less painful, and more inline with industry best practices.

Our team


Volunteering for an open-source project is lots of work, and we will forever be grateful for the folks who have been part of the Roots team.