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Laravel components for WordPress plugins and themes


Laravel and WordPress

Load a Laravel application container inside of WordPress

WP-CLI Integration

Run commands similar to Artisan CLI with acorn CLI


Laravel Packages

Use Laravel packages in WordPress such as blade-icons

Use Laravel within WordPress

Acorn provides a way to gracefully load a Laravel application container inside of WordPress while respecting the WordPress lifecycle and template hierarchy.

$ wp acorn Acorn 2.0.0 (Laravel 8.81.0) USAGE: wp acorn [options] [arguments] clear-compiled Remove the compiled class file completion Dump the shell completion script env Display the current framework environment help Display help for a command list List commands optimize Cache the framework bootstrap files acorn:init Initializes required paths in the base directory. config:cache Create a cache file for faster configuration loading config:clear Remove the configuration cache file make:command Create a new Artisan command make:component Create a new view component class make:composer Create a new view composer class make:provider Create a new service provider class optimize:clear Remove the cached bootstrap files package:discover Rebuild the cached package manifest vendor:publish Publish any publishable assets from vendor packages view:cache Compile all of the application's Blade templates view:clear Clear all compiled view files


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