Better WordPress project structure

The organization of Bedrock is similar to putting WordPress in its own subdirectory but with some improvements, including renaming wp-content/ to app/.

Dependency management with Composer

Manage your WordPress install and plugins with Composer, a PHP dependency manager. Composer will make development more reliable, help with team collaboration, and it helps maintain a better Git repository.

Automate your WordPress deployments

Create a proper deployment process instead of manually FTPing files which is an error prone method. Automate your WordPress deployments and simplify it to a one command deploy process.

Manage server environments with Vagrant

Easily create development environments with Vagrant to help achieve development & production parity. Use our Ansible playbook to automatically configure WordPress app servers.

Learn more about Bedrock and get started with a better WordPress.

Bedrock professionalizes WordPress development and should be the default starting point for any WordPress site.

Robbert vt Westende

Bedrock is doing a huge service to the WordPress community, and I can see it being adopted as the standard for WordPress development. Hopefully as more people adopt it, the developer community at large will view WordPress sites on similar footing as more "professional" platforms.

Daniel Strunk