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WordPress boilerplate with Composer, easier configuration, and an improved folder structure


Composer and WordPress

Manage your WordPress install and plugins with Composer


Environment configs

Environment specific configs and env variables with Dotenv

Enhanced security

Isolated web root to limit access to non-web files and more secure passwords

Better WordPress project structure

The organization of Bedrock is similar to putting WordPress in its own subdirectory but with some improvements, including renaming wp-content/ to app/.

├── composer.json ├── config │ ├── application.php │ └── environments │ ├── development.php │ ├── staging.php │ └── production.php ├── vendor └── web ├── app │ ├── mu-plugins │ ├── plugins │ ├── themes │ └── uploads ├── wp-config.php ├── index.php └── wp


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Built with Bedrock


I'm a big fan of Bedrock (and all of Roots in general)

Josh Koenig Josh Koenig

Bedrock is like the bridge between WordPress and the rest of PHP

Carl Alexander Carl Alexander

Roots' distros have been essential to jumping back into WordPress devel after a decade out. Until WP quits being an antiquated, monetized pit of code, this is all that’s holding my sanity in check.

Ross J Kuhn Ross J Kuhn

Bedrock is doing a huge service to the WordPress community, and I can see it being adopted as the standard for WordPress development. Hopefully as more people adopt it, the developer community at large will view WordPress sites on similar footing as more “professional” platforms.

Daniel Strunk Daniel Strunk

If you have to use WordPress, use Bedrock for your web app and Sage to develop your custom theme. Any Laravel developer will feel at home in these tools.

Rory McDaniel Rory McDaniel

I think 2 years ago I tweeted to y'all to say I love Sage -- now I'm getting started with Bedrock and loving it! thank you for making me feel like WordPress can be sane, secure, and modern.

Michael Snook Michael Snook