Advanced workflow

Write stylesheets with Sass, automatically check your JavaScript for errors, optimize images, enable synchronized browser testing, and more with our gulp setup.

Add front-end packages with Bower that get automatically compiled into your theme assets. Sage comes with the latest version of Bootstrap.

Minimal HTML5 templates

Template markup is based on HTML5 Boilerplate. ARIA roles and microformats are used throughout the templates.

Theme wrapper

Template inheritence with the theme wrapper. Markup is handled by one file instead of being scattered across all template files like typical themes. Stay DRY!

Sage 8.4.2
Last commit
Merge pull request #1645 from atomixdesign/IssueTemplate Create prototype of GitHub Issue Template
Last updated
May 23, 2016

Sage 9 is under active development. Improvements include:

  • New front-end workflow — introduce Webpack, drop gulp and Bower in favor of npm
  • New templates folder organization
  • Bootstrap 4
  • PSR-2 coding standards

Check out the sage-9 branch and the pull request on GitHub. Sage 9 will be released in 2016 – there is no exact release date at this time.

Why Sage, not Underscores?

Built with Sage

Mark Thompson, Dallas Tattoo Artist
Surprise Ride
Investor Carrot
Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences
Volunteer Center of Lubbock
Judith & Norman Alix Foundation

For the record, I was a BIG Bones user. Not anymore. I now use Sage - one thing that stands out for me is that they’re constantly striving to keep it up-to-date. They’re just releasing a version with webpack (etc.). Its community is active and alive.

Lloyd Jones

From the beginning, Sage just made sense to me. Logical code organization and everything seemed to be in its place. It's just a great consistent base that I’ve worked into to the workflow here at our agency.

Dan Egan

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