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Advanced WordPress starter theme with Tailwind CSS and Laravel Blade

  • Hybrid WordPress theme with block editor support
  • theme.json generated from Tailwind config
  • Laravel Blade templates
  • Maintained for over 12 years

Rapid WordPress theme development with Tailwind CSS

Sage’s Tailwind CSS config automatically generates a theme.json file which is used to configure the WordPress editor. Your defined fonts, colors, and spacing are available in the editor, and you can use Tailwind classes in your templates to rapidly build out your WordPress theme.

Want to use Bootstrap instead, or no CSS framework at all? Not a problem. Sage is a minimal starting point and ready for you to customize to fit your needs.

Laravel Blade templates with WordPress

Looking for modern PHP templating features in your WordPress theme, like template inheritance and components? Sage has you covered thanks to Blade Templates from Laravel.

<a class="sr-only focus:not-sr-only" href="#main">
  {{ __('Skip to content') }}

<div class="flex flex-col h-screen">

  <main id="main" class="{{ $mainClasses }}">


Modern development workflow

Asset builds are handled by bud.js, a high-performance build system. Bud is built on top of webpack, and it’s designed to be easy to use and configure. HMR is enabled by default, and you can use the yarn dev command to watch for changes and automatically rebuild your assets.


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Built with Sage


If you have to use WordPress, use Bedrock for your web app and Sage to develop your custom theme. Any Laravel developer will feel at home in these tools.

Rory McDaniel Rory McDaniel

I think 2 years ago I tweeted to y'all to say I love Sage -- now I'm getting started with Bedrock and loving it! thank you for making me feel like WordPress can be sane, secure, and modern.

Michael Snook Michael Snook

In my opinion, the toolkit is the most sane way to do WordPress in 2023

Andrew Halliwell Andrew Halliwell

Sage has brought WordPress development into the modern age. It's absolutely excellent and we'd have probably moved away from WordPress by now without it. Can't recommend it highly enough.

James Tudsbury James Tudsbury

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