WordPress starter theme with a modern development workflow

# Create a new Sage project
$ composer create-project roots/sage

# Development theme build with live reloading and injection
$ yarn start

# Production theme build
$ yarn build:production
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Modern front-end workflow with Webpack

Write stylesheets with Sass, automatically check your JavaScript for errors, optimize images, enable synchronized browser testing, and more with our Webpack based setup.

Bootstrap 4, Foundation, and more

Sage comes with the latest version of Bootstrap. Replace Bootstrap with Bulma, Foundation, Tachyons, Tailwind, or a blank slate upon installation.

DRY templates with Blade

Sage uses Laravel's Blade templating engine:


    {!! the_post() !!}

What others say

Lloyd Jones

For the record, I was a BIG Bones user. Not anymore. I now use Sage - one thing that stands out for me is that they’re constantly striving to keep it up-to-date. They’re just releasing a version with webpack (etc.). Its community is active and alive.

Lloyd Jones

Dan Egan

From the beginning, Sage just made sense to me. Logical code organization and everything seemed to be in its place. It's just a great consistent base that I’ve worked into to the workflow here at our agency.

Dan Egan

Why Sage? Assuming you're legitimately curious, I'll say why I prefer it.

  • Quick boilerplate theme that's flexible
  • Speed (load speed, and development speed)
  • Modern integrations (Whether it's CSS or PHP frameworks, build tools/compilers, etc)
  • Scalable (easy to tie into build scripts)
  • Constant improvements (although this could be a con to some, you can always choose to use older more stable versions)

I mean, I could go on and on. Been using it for the past 4-5 years, and it's made me a much better developer just learning how to use it. It even got me to dip my toes into their other tools Bedrock and Trellis which really took things to the next level.

Why Sage, not Underscores?

Sage makes you a better developer and is a 10,000 hour head start. Compare Sage with Underscores

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