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Announcing Acorn Mail

Acorn Mail aims to streamline SMTP configuration and testing in your WordPress application providing simple configuration and testing using Acorn's CLI.

What’s New in Acorn v4?

Acorn v4 has been released with Laravel v10 support, improved Laravel router implementation, and more Laravel components supported.

Announcing Acorn Prettify

Acorn Prettify is the successor to the Soil plugin. See how to migrate from Soil to Acorn Prettify to enable features like cleaner WordPress markup.

Introducing create-bud-app

create-bud-app is a new CLI tool for scaffolding projects with bud.js. It comes several built-in presets: Vanilla JS, React, and WordPress

PHP Themes Aren’t Dead

Chris Coyier wrote about how "PHP themes are dead", but we believe that's far from the truth. Long live hybrid themes.

What’s New in Trellis v1.20?

Trellis v1.12.0 introduces support for Ubuntu 22.04, fixes a bug with Composer authentications, and disables XML-RPC by default.

Creating an Acorn Package

We've updated Acorn's package development docs and published acorn-example-package to help you get started with creating Acorn packages.

A CLI Tool For Managing Trellis

trellis-cli is our officially recommended way of interacting with your Trellis projects. It helps manage and abstract away tools like Ansible and Python.

Namespacing and Autoloading

Namespacing and Autoloading for PHP can make you a better, more efficient, and happier developer, and help you unlock the power of Sage 10 and Acorn.

Announcing the roots/wordpress Composer Package

We are excited to announce our new composer package for installing WordPress: roots/wordpress. This is a drop-in replacement for the johnpbloch/wordpress package Bedrock has used since November 2014.

Favorite WP-CLI Packages: Login Command

wp-cli-login-command is a package by Evan Mattson that creates passwordless links for your WordPress sites. It's as simple as: wp login create username ✨

WordPress Password Security Follow-up

Follow up to the 'Improving WordPress Password Security' post. If you’re on PHP 5.5+ then use our bcrypt plugin to improve your site’s security.

Life of a Front-end WordPress Request

A deep dive into what happens when you hit a URL on a WordPress website, and how to build a WordPress routing system that solves the issues with rewrites.

Twelve-Factor WordPress App

Turning a WordPress site into a Twelve-Factor App. If you're going to be creating complex websites with WordPress, then you need to get serious about it.

Timing WordPress Requests

By using the WordPress functions timer_start and timer_stop, you can setup quick performance tests without setting up a full benchmarking test suite.

WordPress Plugins with Composer

See how to create Composer packages for custom WordPress plugins, along with private plugins and 3rd party plugins with the composer.json file.

Using Composer with WordPress

An introduction to Composer and how to manage WordPress core, plugins, and even themes with it. Composer is a dependency manager for PHP.