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What’s New in Acorn v4?

QWp6t QWp6t on

Laravel v10 support

With Acorn v4’s release, Laravel v10 components are now included instead of Laravel v9. This change has also resulted in bumping the minimum PHP requirements of Acorn and Sage from PHP 7.4 to PHP >= 8.1.

Laravel Livewire support in WordPress

Livewire, a full-stack framework for Laravel, is now compatible to use in WordPress with the release of Acorn v4. See our guide for steps on how to get started with using Livewire within WordPress, along with PR #291 for more background information.

Improved Laravel router implementation

Our Laravel router is no longer marked as experimental. Thanks to PR #334, we attempt to pass WordPress output through the router to enable PSR-7 and PSR-15 WordPress responses.

Automatically expose public properties and methods on View Composers

Acorn’s View Composers now have the same behavior as View Components exposing all public properties/methods automatically to the targeted view(s).

More Laravel components supported

Acorn v4 now has many more supported components over v3:

  • illuminate/bus
  • illuminate/collections
  • illuminate/conditionable
  • illuminate/encryption
  • illuminate/hashing
  • illuminate/macroable
  • illuminate/pipeline
  • illuminate/queue
  • illuminate/session
  • illuminate/validation

See the full list of supported components from Acorn’s README.

Upgrading to Acorn v4

See the Acorn docs for a guide on upgrading from Acorn v3 to Acorn v4.

Other changes

See the v4.0.0 release for the full list of changes. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Acorn v4:

@broskees, @Dathix, @dsturm, @eavonius, @joshuafredrickson, @Log1x, @oskar-koli, @ouun, @szepeviktor, @tommica, @ukeloop

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QWp6t is a full-stack web developer who loves modern PHP. He is the creator of Acorn, which allows WordPress developers to use Laravel services within WordPress.

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