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What’s New in Acorn v3 and Sage v10.5?

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Acorn has a few new releases: v3.0.0, v3.0.1, and v3.1.0. Sage also has a couple new releases: v10.5.0 and v10.5.1.

Laravel v9 support

With Acorn v3’s release, Laravel v9 components are now included instead of Laravel v8. This change has also resulted in bumping the minimum PHP requirements of Acorn and Sage from PHP 7.4 to PHP >= 8.0.2.

Updated boot method

Acorn v3 has a breaking change to the method used to boot the framework. See the Upgrade Guide on how to modify the bootloader.

WP-CLI bugfix

Acorn v3.0.0 had a bug that caused some sites to break when using WP-CLI commands. This bug was fixed in the v3.0.1 release. Folks affected include anyone using the sage-directives package, as well as using Acorn’s helper functions such as asset(), and some Laravel helper functions such as config(), depending on the hooks that were used.

Service providers are no longer silently skipped

Up until Acorn v3.1.0 and Sage v10.5.1, service providers would silently skip on local dev whenever they encountered any sort of error, including syntax errors. This behavior ended up causing lots of frustration. Errors will now properly throw error exceptions on local dev.

If you have an existing theme built with Sage v10, we recommend that you pull in the change from #3121 to your project in order to ensure this new behavior is applied to your sites.

Screenshot of Acorn throwing an error exception when a service provider is skipped

Laravel Cache commands available in WP-CLI

Laravel Cache commands are now available to use in WP-CLI with wp acorn. We also have a short guide on how to use Laravel Cache as an alternative to the WordPress Transients API.

Page template names are now translated

Thanks to teppokoivula, Acorn will now translate page template names from any custom page Blade templates if your theme has translations configured. Prior to this change, there wasn’t an easy way to translate the visible labels for page templates in the editor’s template dropdown menu.

Bud v6.8.0

Sage v10 is now including Bud v6.8.0. This latest Bud release includes new methods for anyone who has the need for internal/external URLs for the proxy server, dev server, or both. This change will be helpful for folks using Lando, and Docker users in general.

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