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What’s New in Trellis v1.20?

Scott Walkinshaw Scott Walkinshaw on

Ubuntu 22.04 support

Trellis now fully supports Ubuntu 22.04. Some of the changes required to support 22.04 include:

  • Update to MariaDB 10.6 (#1460)
  • Vagrant: Update boxes to use 22.04 (#1461)
  • Vagrant: Disable NFS udp by default (#1472)

If you are using Trellis for your local development environments, you will need to include all of the changes above in order to use Ubuntu 22.04.

Composer authentications bugfix

Trellis supports Composer’s HTTP basic authentication to install premium WordPress plugins with Composer, such as Advanced Custom Fields Pro. You may have ran into the following error when trying to use this feature:

TASK [wordpress-install : Setup composer authentications (HTTP Basic) - example.test] ***
[WARNING]: The loop variable 'item' is already in use. You should set the
`loop_var` value in the `loop_control` option for the task to something else to
avoid variable collisions and unexpected behavior.
fatal: [default]: FAILED! => The task includes an option with an undefined variable. The error was: {{ www_root }}/{{ item.key }}/{{ item.value.current_path | default('current') }}/: 'dict object' has no attribute 'key'

The error appears to be in 'trellis/roles/wordpress-install/tasks/composer-authentications.yml'

To fix this bug, @dalepgrant provided a quick fix for roles/wordpress-install/tasks/main.yml that @TangRufus submitted as a PR in #1469.

Install WordPress as the default user

When installing a fresh WP instance in CI environments, sometimes the uploads folder ownership was creating issues. Thanks to @LucusDemea, this is now solved by installing WordPress as the default user in #1470.

XML-RPC is now disabled by default

Trellis v1.12.0 added disabling access to xmlrpc.php by default in #1467. This option is configurable from each WordPress site config.

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