Folder Structure

├── composer.json             # → Manage versions of WordPress, plugins & dependencies
├── config                    # → WordPress configuration files
│   ├── application.php       # → Primary WP config file (wp-config.php equivalent)
│   └── environments          # → Environment specific configs
│       ├── development.php   # → Development config
│       └── staging.php       # → Staging config
├── vendor                    # → Composer packages (never edit)
└── web                       # → Web root (document root on your webserver)
    ├── app                   # → wp-content equivalent
    │   ├── mu-plugins        # → Must use plugins
    │   ├── plugins           # → Plugins
    │   ├── themes            # → Themes
    │   └── uploads           # → Uploads
    ├── wp-config.php         # → Required by WP (never edit)
    ├── index.php             # → WordPress view bootstrapper
    └── wp                    # → WordPress core (never edit)

The organization of Bedrock is similar to putting WordPress in its own subdirectory but with some improvements:

  • In order not to expose sensitive files in the web root, Bedrock moves what's required into a web/ directory including the wp/ source, and the wp-content source.
  • wp-content has been named app to better reflect its contents. It contains application code and not just "static content". It also matches up with other frameworks such as Symfony and Rails.
  • wp-config.php remains in the web/ because it's required by WP, but it only acts as a loader. The actual configuration files have been moved to config/ for better separation.
  • vendor/ is where the Composer managed dependencies are installed to.
  • wp/ is where WordPress core lives. It's also managed by Composer but can't be put under vendor due to WP limitations.

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