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The file to modify for configuration options is config/application.php. This is the file that contains what wp-config.php usually would.

The root web/wp-config.php is required by WordPress and is only used to load the other main configs. Nothing else should be added to it.

Bedrock's base configuration options are production-standard safe settings and used in all environments except where specifically overridden. To override configuration settings based on environments:

  • Use an existing environment config in config/environments or create a new one. Bedrock will require any file in the config/environments directory with a filename matching the WP_ENV environment variable. This environment variable can be set in a few ways:

    • in the .env file as described in our installation docs
    • via Trellis config if you're using Trellis
    • or as a last resort, hardcoding it in config/application.php
  • Bedrock comes with development.php and staging.php configs included. If you create an additional environment, configure it with a matching PHP file in config/environments.

  • The development.php file sets WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY to true, so WordPress will display PHP errors in the browser when your WP_ENV is development.

Bedrock 1.9.0 (2018-09-17) introduced roots/wp-config (discussion).

Config::define is a static method that overrides the application options (WP) with environment specific options where they are defined, defaulting to the application options set in config/application.php.


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