Trellis VVV MAMP
Price Free Free $59.00
Vagrant box for local development
PHP 7.2
Extendable provisioning
Production/remote servers
Development & production parity
Ready for WordPress core development
Integrated database backups
Let’s Encrypt support
A+ SSL support
Complete control over environments

Trellis and VVV have similar goals:

“The primary goal of Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV) is to provide an approachable development environment that matches a typical production environment.”

The problem is there’s no "typical" production environment. Just using Apache, PHP, and MySQL does not mean you’ve matched a production environment. Every production environment is different down to the minor version numbers of software packages.

Instead of using a server configuration system such as Ansible, Puppet, or Chef, VVV uses a Bash script that’s almost 1,000 lines to provision a server. This script has been made for development purposes so there’s no way it can match up with your production server. Unless, of course, you use VVV to provision it but they discourage such usage.

Trellis uses Ansible, and we’re serious about development and production parity.

If you have to pass off a project to someone else, it’s way easier just to say “here is a repository, it contains all of the configuration necessary to get a vagrant virtual machine up and running with one command”

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