Introducing Trellis

Roots has a number of projects now with the two most popular being Sage and Bedrock. This is reflected on our site with those two projects being front and centre on the home page and in the top nav. It’s time to promote a third project alongside those two: Trellis.

Trellis is the new name for the existing bedrock-ansible project. It was started as a way to quickly get a Bedrock project up and running on a Vagrant box for development and has grown into a mature product that is now suitable for provisioning development, staging, and production servers.

It’s not just about a new name and fancy logo. bedrock-ansible was a cumbersome afterthought of a name that was hard to reference and caused some confusion between its relation to Bedrock itself.

The new prominence we’re giving to Trellis also reflects our excitement and confidence in the project. Sage is a starter theme with great development tools and workflow. Bedrock is a better way to structure and build your WordPress sites. But it’s Trellis that opens up new opportunities for WordPress developers to create and manage more professional server environments almost automatically. There are a lot of projects that exist to either set up WordPress development environments, or provision remote servers, but not many that focus on both to offer development and production parity.

Trellis goes another step beyond just server provisioning and offers built-in one-command deployments which are extensible and based on a proven deployment process (borrowed from Capistrano).


Trellis is not just a collection of messy shell scripts. It consists of a few Ansible "playbooks". Ansible is one of the most popular, and perhaps easiest to use, IT automation/server configuration tools (if you aren’t familiar with Ansible, it’s roughly equivalent to Puppet or Chef, but simpler).

That means we can leverage Ansible’s features and you get the advantage of having an internet full of Ansible resources to help learn, troubleshoot, and improve your own playbooks.

What’s Next?

Trellis is currently stable and production ready and mostly feature-complete. While we will add minor features from time to time, the immediate future will be improving the tooling and ease of use:

  • automated integration tests
  • Digital Ocean integration
  • CLI (command line interface)

For more details on Trellis, you can view:

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