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Acorn is installed via Composer and includes many dependencies, that also include their own dependencies. WordPress plugin authors often include their own dependencies in a way that can conflict with Acorn.

Compatibility issues that arise in Acorn with other WordPress plugins are most often related to a WordPress plugin that is including an older version of a dependency that exists in the Acorn dependency tree.

Plugin developers need to wrap their dependencies with their own namespace in order to prevent conflicts with other plugins and with Acorn. The following tools can be used to handle this:

Acorn has no responsibility to fix compatibility issues that are the result of plugins that don't wrap their dependencies with their own namespace.

Known issues with plugins

  • Gravity Forms merge tags JS causes an error on the admin notifications page. @tombroucke provided a workaround in roots/acorn#198.
  • Gravity Forms: Entry Automation FTP Extension includes league/flysystem v1.1.4 which is incompatible with Acorn.
  • WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method includes an older version of psr/log. The fatal error can be avoided by installing psr/log v2 (composer require psr/log v2).


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