Thanks to Our Recent Sponsors: Kinsta, KM Digital, Harness Software

Recently we’ve started using OpenCollective to accept backers for Roots and get financial support from the community. We already have a lot of individual backers, and today, we’re welcoming some larger sponsors.

We’re thrilled to announce that Kinsta is now a full Roots sponsor and is backing both Sage and Trellis at the gold levels! In our eyes, and many within our community, Kinsta is the best managed WordPress host since it includes Composer and WP-CLI support. If you want a managed alternative to a self-hosted Trellis, Kinsta is the best option and we’re comfortable recommending it because we’ve used it ourselves. You can even use Trellis in development and deploy to Kinsta!

Look out for some upcoming official documentation on Trellis & Kinsta integration, along with more insight into why we think Kinsta is such a great host.

To see more details on our OpenCollective projects, check out:

Currently, Sage has an estimated annual budget of $6,731 and Trellis has an estimated annual budget of $5,372.

Gold Sage sponsors

Kinsta KM Digital

Gold Trellis sponsors

Kinsta Harness Software

Other sponsors

Populate, Mike Spainhower, Rob Blake, pixeline SPRL, Toine Kamps, Gameflow Interactive, Murmur Creative, Project Assistant, Supermundano, Wolf-Dieter Grabner, Simeon Griggs, Jimmy Smutek, Ryan Dennler, Matt Mirus, Robin Nilsson, Shaimoom Newaz, Adam, Steve Jones, Kevin Meronuk, Joe Fletcher, Sam Carlton, Ned Zimmerman, Iban Lopez, Kyle Robinson, Anonymous, Nathan Knowler, John Ekdahl, Eric Saner, Adam Stoddart, Aitor Méndez, Michael W. Delaney, Jeremy Miller, Billy Fischbach, Jan Kups, Ivan Švaljek, Raquelle Fahle, Nathan Smith, Vedran Zgela, Peter Weckworth, Karel Kangro, Henning Orth

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