Extending & Customizing Sage

Here is some useful advice for how you can make your project with Sage even better. We don't want to include it all by default, as not everything fits with everyone's needs.

  • ACF — Fully customize edit screens with custom fields.

  • Advanced Excerpt — Control the appearance of WordPress post excerpts.

  • HTML Forms — Fast & flexible form plugin where you manage the HTML.

  • Safe Redirect Manager — Safely and easily manage your HTTP redirects.

Premium plugins we recommend

  • Soil — Use Soil to enable additional features in Sage, including: cleaner output of WordPress markup, root relative URLs, and nice search.

  • WP Migrate DB Pro — Copy your database from one WordPress install to another with one click in your dashboard

  • Roots Share Buttons — Add lightweight social sharing buttons with optional share counts.

Sage 8

Extending Sage

Sage 9

Sage 8

  • Sage + UnCSS — UnCSS is a tool that removes unused CSS from your stylesheets

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