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Roots Radio was a podcast from Summer 2015—Spring 2016 hosted by Chris Carr with folks from the Roots team and various guests.

ethicka, 2016-03-02

Can’t believe I’m listening to a WP podcast

My first episode of Roots Radio and it was great. I’m a full-time WP developer and this answered a lot of questions I’ve had in the past about scaling web servers. I wish they had covered more of how to know when the scale up in my detail, but this was an excellent intro.

Ty1227, 2015-10-15

Very Helpful!

My WordPress developing skills have gone through the roof ever since I stumbled across the Roots team! These guys are real pros. All of their products are top-notch and their discourse site is incredibly helpful.

So how do you improve on something that great? You make a killer podcast that covers everything from product support to industry news. The show is informative, succinct, and even entertaining at times. Keep up the great work!

Episode 00: Overview


Cast: Chris Carr, Ben Word, Scott Walkinshaw, Nick Fox, Austin Pray

For this first episode we chat with some of the founding/core team members – giving a bit of an overview about what each one of us does and how we got involved with Roots, then an overview of the different Roots projects and how you can fit them into your workflow.

Episode 01: Trellis


Cast: Chris Carr, Scott Walkinshaw, Austin Pray

In this episode we take a deeper look at Trellis (check out the intro in Ep0 if you missed that), talk a bit the rebrand, the ups/downs of maintaining open source, answer some questions from the community about working the project into your process, and a bit about what’s next for Trellis.

Episode 02: Freelancing


Cast: Chris Carr, Julien Melissas, Kalen Johnson

This episode we have on a couple of freelance-type Roots team members to talk about how they got started, how they run their businesses, and how WordPress/Roots projects fit in to that.

Episode 03: Eugene Cook


Cast: Chris Carr, Eugene Cook, Austin Pray

Eugene is an Attorney, MBA, Speaker, Programmer and friend of the Roots team. Join us to talk about how he uses WordPress/Docker/Roots in his business, how he wants to help educate and support new developers, and his upcoming adventures!

Episode 04: Roundtable


Cast: Chris Carr, Ben Word, Scott Walkinshaw, Nick Fox, Austin Pray

We’re back with the core team to talk about recent dev news, WordPress updates, and what’s going on around Roots.

Episode 05: Sage


Cast: Chris Carr, Ben Word, Nick Fox, Kalen Johnson

We dig into a bit of the Sage philosophy, what we are doing right now with Sage, our own theming process (with some tips & tricks), and answer some listener questions!

Episode 06: Testing with John P. Bloch


Cast: Chris Carr, John P. Bloch, Scott Walkinshaw, Austin Pray

John is the lead developer of WP_Mock, and was nice enough to join us for this intro & deep dive into how you can get testing added into your development workflow – and what tools are available to WordPress developers.

Episode 07: Q&A and JS


Cast: Chris Carr, Austin Pray, Julien Melissas

This week I am joined by Austin and Julien to answer your questions from Discourse, and chat about advanced JS frameworks for front end dev.

Episode 08: WP-API with Daniel Bachhuber & Joe Hoyle


Cast: Chris Carr, Daniel Bachhuber, Joe Hoyle, Austin Pray, Julien Melissas

Our guests Daniel and Joe are both on the WP-API team (the new REST API currently getting merged into WP Core) – they were nice enough to hop on with us this week to discuss their experiences and dig a little deeper into this major development for WordPress. This is a good one folks, quit reading and grab your headphones.

Episode 09: Roundtable


Cast: Chris Carr, Ben Word, Scott Walkinshaw, Austin Pray, Kalen Johnson

We’re back with some of the Roots team members with some follow up on previous episodes, questions from Discourse, and some news on what’s going on around Roots.

Episode 10: Calypso


Cast: Chris Carr, Scott Walkinshaw, Austin Pray, Nathaniel Schweinberg

I hope you have, and I hope you are interested in our thoughts on this project from and Automattic, cause if you have a listen to this episode… yer gonna get ’em!

Episode 11: 2016 Updates


Cast: Chris Carr, Austin Pray, Kalen Johnson

We’re back from a bit of a break with a look at some of the recent updates at Roots, and our experiences working with the new WP-API and React in WordPress.

Episode 12: Infrastructure


Cast: Chris Carr, Scott Walkinshaw, Austin Pray, Nathaniel Schweinberg

Today we are joined by more bright Roots team members to talk about what happens when you need more from your hosting service. We cover the path from shared hosting, all the way up to autoscaling dedicated services.

Episode 13: React w/ Daniel Bachhuber


Cast: Chris Carr, Austin Pray, Daniel Bachhuber

Join us as we talk about A more RESTful WP-CLI, our take on the WP-API drama, and what we are doing with React in WordPress.