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Introducing create-bud-app

Kelly Mears Kelly Mears on

We are excited to announce the preview release of create-bud-app, a new CLI tool for scaffolding projects with bud.js.

A Powerful CLI Tool for Scaffolding Projects with bud.js

create-bud-app makes it easier and faster to set up your bud.js projects with support for popular features and technologies like ES6, TypeScript, postcss & sass.

How to use create-bud-app

To get started, simply run the following command:

npx create-bud-app

Yarn users can use the yarn create command:

yarn create bud-app

Either way, create-bud-app will prompt you for project information and assist you in scaffolding a new bud.js project in the current working directory.

You can also specify a different directory using a relative path:

npx create-bud-app my-project

Presets for common project types

create-bud-app comes with several built-in presets to quickly scaffold projects with support for common features:

  • Vanilla JS project with recommended settings: npx create-bud-app --recommended
  • React project: npx create-bud-app --react
  • WordPress theme or plugin development: npx create-bud-app --wordpress

You can also customize a preset interactively by using the --customize flag:

npx create-bud-app --wordpress --customize

Handling existing projects and file conflicts

If the target directory is not empty, create-bud-app will prompt you to confirm that you want to continue. You can skip this prompt by passing the --confirm-existing flag:

npx create-bud-app my-project --confirm-existing

By default, create-bud-app will not overwrite files that are in conflict (even when using the --confirm-existing flag). Use the --overwrite flag to change this behavior:

npx create-bud-app my-project --overwrite

Non-interactive mode

If you prefer, you can use create-bud-app in non-interactive mode by passing the --no-interactive flag:

npx create-bud-app my-project --no-interactive

Everything that is customizable with interactive prompts can be configured using CLI flags.

Installing additional dependencies

create-bud-app allows you to install additional runtime dependencies and development dependencies using the --dependencies and --dev-dependencies flags:

npx create-bud-app --dependencies redux --dependencies react-router
npx create-bud-app --dev-dependencies vitest

Selecting a package manager

In --no-interactive mode bud.js will install packages with npm, by default. You can change this behavior with the --package-manager flag:

npx create-bud-app my-project --no-interactive --package-manager yarn

Adding support for additional features

You can add support for additional features using the --support flag:

npx create-bud-app my-project --no-interactive --support swc --support postcss

Change the current working directory

The current working directory can be customized with the --cwd flag to make it easier to run in remote environments:

npx create-bud-app --no-interactive --cwd /srv/app/current

Let us know what you think

With create-bud-app, setting up your bud.js projects has never been easier. We’re really excited to be able to offer this preview build for you to play around with. Give it a try and let us know what you think!