Theme Development with Sage

Theme Development with Sage

56 pages PDF


Build well organized & easily maintained WordPress themes using a modern web development workflow.

A step-by-step guide to setting up a custom Sage starter theme.

This book is not an introduction to WordPress, or themes, and expects that you’ve done theme development before.

Sage 9 is in active development and the book is currently being updated based on the upcoming changes. Lifetime updates are included with your purchase. Book customers can expect to see the 3rd edition of the book as soon as Sage 9 is released.

The upcoming release is currently sitting at twice the amount of content compared to the current edition. There are several new chapters and everything has been revisited.

Table of contents

  • What is Sage?
  • Why Sage?
    • Professionally maintained
    • Perfect amount of boilerplate
    • A modern build process
    • The theme wrapper
    • Sage helps you become a better developer
  • Starting a project
    • Requirements (before you start)
    • Installing the Sage starter theme
    • Planning out the theme
    • Theme setup
  • Customizing templates
    • Theme wrapper & template hierarchy
    • Page templates
    • Building template partials
  • Customizing the front-end
    • Installing Node.js, gulp, and Bower
    • Default CSS and JS
    • gulp watch and BrowserSync
    • Bower packages
    • Enqueuing additional CSS and JS
    • CSS setup and organization
    • JS and DOM-based routing
    • Asset paths in CSS and templates
  • Theme functionality
    • Namespaces
    • Take advantage of newer PHP features
    • Where to put custom code
  • Theme customizations
    • WordPress Customizer API
    • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Theme deployment
  • Theme updates and maintenance
  • Resources

For anyone serious about developing with Sage, get the book. It’s worth every cent.


The Sage theme development book has altered my approach to building #wordpress themes. A few bumps and bruises but thanks @retlehs


@retlehs Your Theme Development with Sage book has really got me up to speed today! A productive start, thank you =)


@retlehs Hey Ben, I just wanted to say a quick thanks for roots / sage & the sage dev book I purchased. Finally found time to go through it this week and, well, I’m impressed! So yeah, thanks a bunch! :)


The book answered most of my newbie questions quite thoroughly – especially on best practises and the theory behind the folder structures etc.