Disable PHP 7 Deprecated Notices from WordPress Plugins

If you’re running PHP 7 then you’ve probably ran into issues with deprecated notices from various WordPress plugins. Trellis was recently upgraded with PHP 7 support so unfortunately we’ve seen a lot of these notices. If it was your own code, you’d want to fix these deprecations. But since we’re dealing with plugins, that’s not … Continued

2015 Recap

2015 was a really big year for Roots. It was the first year that we really executed on our vision of providing a suite of modern tools to make WordPress development easier and better. This was achieved with two major changes: releasing Sage and Trellis. The first half of 2015 was extremely busy with re-branding, … Continued

Sage 8.3.0 Updates

Sage is losing weight! The lib/ folder is down to 5 files. There were mostly minor changes in this release, including: config.php and init.php have been combined into setup.php Search template has been removed Modernizr has been removed The ConditionalTagCheck class has been removed Take a look at the Sage 8.3.0 release on GitHub for … Continued

Stepping Outside the Bubble

On August 15th, 2015, Vancouver hosted another WordCamp. This year was not developer-centric, although with two talks always running, the talks on the 8th floor were nearly all developer focused. It was a pleasure to see talks dealing with the upcoming ECMAScript 6, HHVM, the REST API + Angular.js, and load/stress testing your site. One … Continued

Trellis Updates: 0.9.1 Release

As Trellis finally gets closer to 1.0.0, some useful features have been contributed in the past few weeks. MailHog Pull request by @louim Dealing with emails in development is never fun. The two common solutions are usually: Ignore it and hope it works fine on production Set up real SMTP credentials to send emails Enter … Continued

Where MAMP and VVV Fall Short

Most people in the WordPress world probably get started off with MAMP or WAMP. The issue with that is that they can be extremely brittle, for one thing. You’re also tied to the versions of the software that MAMP pre-includes. They might upgrade to newer versions, such as PHP 5.6, but the problem is that … Continued

Why Do We Use These Tools?

If you think you don’t need tools like gulp and Composer, think again. Embrace them and you will be become better at your job. Last week I came across a thread in the Advanced WordPress group about Roots and Sage. One of the commenters said: That was exactly what drove me away from Roots, you … Continued

Introducing Trellis

Roots has a number of projects now with the two most popular being Sage and Bedrock. This is reflected on our site with those two projects being front and centre on the home page and in the top nav. It’s time to promote a third project alongside those two: Trellis. Trellis is the new name … Continued