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First of all, thank you for joining us on the show!

We do take our audio seriously, so we’ve prepared these instructions to help you get setup and sound your best on the show. Please take 5 minutes and read through and follow the instructions.

Contact Chris or Julien if you need help.

Todo list for getting setup

Make sure you have the following and also can record your side of the audio:

  • Reliable internet connection. We prefer wired, but if you know for sure that your wireless connection is solid we’ll trust you.
  • Google account, and Google Hangouts installed. We will send you an invite to the hangout before the show.
  • USB headset, or a decent microphone.
  • Headphones! Yes, headphones are required. They CAN NOT be iPhone headphones, because they cause audio bleed.
  • Quiet place to record
  • No mobile phones (they interfere with the audio), notifications on your computer or anything else turned off
  • If possible, please turn off all humming/noisy appliances (such as a window AC Unit) if you hear them in the background – they are hard to edit out.
  • Install Audacity (see below) or if you have something installed you’re comfortable recording .aiff audio files in mono.
  • If possible, do a 2 minute test recording and share it with Julien/Chris
  • Be ready on Hangouts approximately 5-10 minutes prior to showtime.
  • We will contact you on Hangouts before the show starts.
  • Relax. Have fun. Bring your opinions.

Setup Audacity

Download and install Audacity. Once you’ve installed Audacity, you’ll need to open it and set it up to record your microphone.

Audacity source

Export to .aiff

Once the show is over and the recording is complete, save your Audacity project and then export an .aiff file to share with us.

Audacity export

Share the file

We will add you to a folder in Google Drive. Please first zip your .aiff file, and then upload it to the shared folder.

And, you’re done. Thanks for joining us on Roots Radio!

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