Deploying WordPress with Capistrano

An in-depth introduction to deploying WordPress with Capistrano

If you say a prayer or cross your fingers before a deploy, then this is the screencast for you.

Capistrano will help you create a proper deployment process instead of manually FTPing files which is an error prone method.

Topics covered

You’ll learn how to automate your WordPress deployments and simplify it to a one command deploy process. Using Capistrano you can make sure your deploys are: predictable, repeatable, automatable, reversible, and extensible.

  1. Intro to Capistrano
  2. Basic installation and Usage
  3. WordPress Configuration
  4. Deploying with Capistrano
  5. Extending Capistrano with Gems

Just finished watching your Capistrano screencast and everything is really coming together for me now. Been worried that it was gonna be cumbersome (as the cowboy coder that I am) so I've been avoiding to read up on it. Super happy that you've given me these tools to progress my development skills. If I hadn't been a fan of Roots since long before I seriously doubt that I would ever leave the security and comfort of the ways I knew before. Thanks a lot for making me smile.

Per Sturesson


The topics and tools in this screencast won't work unless you're deploying to a *nix based server that you have SSH and root access to. Don't expect to be able to use Capistrano to deploy to a shared host or a Windows server.

This screencast also doesn't cover server setup such as configuring a web server, PHP, or installing programs like Node and Grunt. Some basic familiarity with server administration is probably needed before using a tool like this.


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