Theme Functionality

The app/ directory contains all of the theme functionality. Since Sage is a starter theme, it’s okay for you to modify files within app/ to meet the needs of the site you’re building.

The PHP code in Sage is namespaced, so make sure to use namespaced functions and classes.

Enqueue stylesheets and scripts, register support for theme features with add_theme_support, register navigation menus and sidebars. See Theme Configuration and Setup.
Placeholder code for the WordPress theme customizer. You can also use this file for anything related to the WordPress admin.

Add WordPress filters in this file. Filters included by default:

  • body_class — add <body> classes
  • excerpt_more — add "… Continued" to excerpts
  • template_include — enable the theme wrapper
  • Various filters for the Blade implementation

Helper functions used throughout the theme:

  • asset_path — used when enqueueing theme assets to provide the correct versioned asset filenames
  • display_sidebar — used to control displaying the sidebar
  • title — used to return page titles

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