Roots Radio Ep 01 – Trellis

We’re back again for another episode of Roots Radio!

In this episode we take a deeper look at Trellis (check out the intro in Ep0 if you missed that), talk a bit the rebrand, the ups/downs of maintaining open source, answer some questions from the community about working the project into your process, and a bit about what’s next for Trellis.

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Show Notes/Links:

Trellis Launch

Getting Started with Trellis:
1. Trellis Example Project –
2. Learning Vagrant –
3. Learning Ansible –

idempotent – “denoting an element of a set that is unchanged in value when multiplied or otherwise operated on by itself.”

12 Factor WordPress

Database SyncingWP-CLI & WP Migrate DB Pro

Get InvolvedTrellis 1.0.0 Milestone on GitHub, Sage 8.2.2 Milestone

Ben On Instagram


Chris Carr – The Host
Scott Walkinshaw – The Canadian
Austin Pray – ?

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