Roots Radio Ep 00 – Overview

Hey! We’re kicking off a fun new project here – Roots Radio!

Roots Radio is a new podcast about the Roots tools, a chance for us to talk with some folks doing cool things with their own Roots related projects, and general banter about modern web development.

Look for a new episode every couple weeks (iTunes subscribe or via RSS).

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For this first episode we chat with some of the founding/core team members – giving a bit of an overview about what each one of us does and how we got involved with Roots, then an overview of the different Roots projects and how you can fit them into your workflow.


Chris Carr – The Host
Ben Word – The Founder
Scott Walkinshaw – The Canadian
Nick Fox – The Brit
Austin Pray – ?


Big thanks to Julien Melissas for editing and making us sound great!

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