Roots Wrapper Override

Version 2.0.0 Updated February 26th, 2015

Roots Wrapper Override

This plugin is for Roots 7/Sage 8


A WordPress plugin that allows you to override the Sage/Roots wrapper templates from the WordPress dashboard.

Supports the base and sidebar templates by default, with additional overrides only an array away (full documentation is provided).

It will also allow you to manually hide or display the Sage/Roots sidebar.


Requires the Sage/Roots theme and wrapper to function.

Fully supported in Roots 7 and Sage 8. Support for Roots 6.4 can easily be added by updating the Roots_Wrapping class and filters. See the FAQ for details.


Installation support will be provided for one domain, so please purchase a copy for each production site the plugin will be used on. The author should be contacted within 30 days of purchase for any assistance.

For multisite support, or for a discount on multiple purchases (20+ copies), please contact the author.


New versions with bug fixes and added features will be emailed to you and available to download from the site.

The latest version is v2.0.0.

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