Roots Share Buttons

Version 1.2.0 Updated September 4th, 2016

Roots Share Buttons

Add lightweight social sharing buttons to your WordPress site.


  • PHP >= 5.3


  • Supported networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Easily set button order
  • Inline SVG for network icons
  • Lightweight, mobile-first stylesheet
  • Automatically include share buttons:
    • Before and/or after content on archive templates
    • Before and/or after content on single templates
    • On specified post types (custom post types are supported)
  • Supports custom share button templates
  • Includes a [share] shortcode for adding the share buttons within post content

Roots social share is perfect. It’s lightweight, easily customizable, and it works exactly how I want it to. This is the only social sharing plugin I think is good enough to use on my client’s sites. I highly recommend it.

Mike Collins

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