# Deployment

To deploy a Sage theme you'll need to make sure two things are covered:

  1. Run composer install from the theme directory on the remote server
  2. Copy over production theme assets (the dist/ folder)

Generate production ready assets with yarn build:production, which will build your assets with versioned filenames to the dist/ folder.

# Deploying Sage with Trellis

If you use Trellis, you can build your assets locally (or on a CI server), then copy them to the remote server during deployment. See the build-before.yml example hook in Trellis.

# Deploying Sage on Kinsta

Kinsta supports Bedrock and Trellis, so deploying Sage with Trellis on Kinsta is possible by following a few extra steps.

# Deploying Sage on WP Engine

The Sage 9 on WP Engine thread on Roots Discourse covers how to work around limitations on WP Engine to deploy your theme.

We do not officially recommend or support this and suggest using a WordPress host that supports SSH, Git, Composer, and the latest PHP versions.

# Deploying Sage via FTP

If you don't have permission to run composer on the production server and/or are using a shared hosting service, you may want to deploy Sage with FTP. To do so, compile your assets for production and run composer install --no-dev in your theme directory. Upload all files and folders in your theme except the node_modules directory to your host.