Why Do We Use These Tools?

If you think you don’t need tools like gulp and Composer, think again. Embrace them and you will be become better at your job. Last week I came across a thread in the Advanced WordPress group about Roots and Sage. One of the commenters said: That was exactly what drove me away from Roots, you … Continued

Introducing Trellis

Roots has a number of projects now with the two most popular being Sage and Bedrock. This is reflected on our site with those two projects being front and centre on the home page and in the top nav. It’s time to promote a third project alongside those two: Trellis. Trellis is the new name … Continued

Roots on The Changelog Podcast

Scott and Ben appear on this week’s Changelog podcast to talk about modern WordPress development. We talk about a more modern WordPress stack, Bedrock and Sage, dependency management, WordPress deployment, smarter development setup with tools like Ansible and Vagrant, and so much more. I think we’re all on the same page when it comes to … Continued

How to Override Bower Packages

Sage uses gulp to take a list of source files, transform them, then output them to a build directory. Sage also uses the Bower package manager for front-end assets. So the list of source files to be transformed through the build process almost always includes files from Bower packages. How does Sage know which files … Continued

Sage 8.2.0 and Soil 3.4.0 Updates

New updates have been made to both Sage and Soil. Sage is now using Sass Bootstrap as the default. Bootstrap 4 is going to be Sass. There’s not an ETA on a release, but it’s been in development for almost a year, so hopefully we’ll see an alpha soon There’s not really a big difference. … Continued

A Modern WordPress Example

Roots now has quite a few projects, and as we’re constantly improving them, it can be difficult to understand how to configure and get them all working together. As much as we try to provide documentation and support, the easiest way to learn is still to see a working example and some code in action. … Continued

Deploying Bedrock Sites

Bedrock was created with Capistrano as its built-in deployment tool and its remained that way for almost 18 months. Very soon, the Capistrano specific files and configs in Bedrock will be moved to its own separate repository but still easy to use. You can follow the progress at https://github.com/roots/bedrock/pull/163 and check out the new repo. … Continued

We’ve Migrated from Gumroad to Easy Digital Downloads

When we began selling products on roots.io in the summer of 2013, we went with Gumroad since it was really easy to implement and had a great user buying experience. Gumroad is the perfect tool if you’re selling a single product by a single seller. In our case, we weren’t just selling products as "Roots". … Continued

Sage 8.1.0 and Soil 3.1.0 Updates

New updates have been made to both Sage and Soil. The changelog is small and mostly minor for both projects. We’ve moved HTML5 Boilerplate’s Google Analytics snippet out of Sage and turned it into a Soil module. The option for adding a Google Analytics ID still exists in the theme config (lib/config.php) and the theme … Continued

Upping PHP Requirements in Your WordPress Themes and Plugins

There has been talk for a while now about the PHP requirements of WordPress. WordPress still supports PHP 5.2.4, however, PHP 5.2 was deprecated on January 6, 2011, over 4 years ago as of the time of this writing. PHP 5.3 was deprecated August 14, 2014. Why is WordPress continuing to support such antiquated versions … Continued