Deploying Bedrock

There are two methods to deploy Bedrock sites out of the box:

Any other deployment method can be used as well with one requirement:

composer install must be run as part of the deploy process.

Although we recommend using Trellis, it's not required in order to deploy a Bedrock site.

If you choose to use Capistrano for deployment, we offer a screencast on deploying WordPress with Capistrano with more information.

Whatever method you use to deploy, make sure that it involves setting WP_ENV to production when your site is in a production environment. Several things in the Roots stack, including the Disallow Indexing mu-plugin and Soil rely on WP_ENV being set to the correct environment. The Disallow Indexing plugin, for instance, will prevent indexing of a site when WP_ENV is not set to production. For more details on WP_ENV, refer back to the "Environment Variables" section of this document.

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