Configuration Files

The root web/wp-config.php is required by WordPress and is only used to load the other main configs. Nothing else should be added to it.

config/application.php is the main config file that contains what wp-config.php usually would. Base options should be set in there.

For environment specific configuration, use the files under config/environments. By default there are development, staging, and production but these can be whatever you require.

The environment configs are required before the main application config so anything in an environment config takes precedence over application.

Note: You can't re-define constants in PHP. So if you have a base setting in application.php and want to override it in production.php for example, you have a few options:

  • Remove the base option and be sure to define it in every environment it's needed
  • Only define the constant in application.php if it isn't already defined.

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