Bedrock Compatibility

Bedrock has many differences from a default WordPress install. However, all of these changes are done through official and built-in WordPress functionality and settings such as the custom wp-content directory.

If a plugin or theme works with a regular WordPress install and not with Bedrock, it's almost always a problem with the theme or plugin. This wouldn't just apply to Bedrock-based sites, but also likely any site with WordPress in its own directory which is a fairly typical setup.

These incompatibilities are caused by plugin and theme authors not using proper WordPress functions to refer to file paths or URLs usually. Common issues include:

If you reach a WordPress error page on a non-development environment that says "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.", then the plugin or theme could be conflicting with Bedrock's use of enabling DISALLOW_FILE_MODS.

If you run into an issue with a specific theme or plugin, please contact their authors first and link them to this page.

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