Bedrock 1.12.3 and Trellis 1.0.2 Released

Bedrock 1.12.3 and Trellis 1.0.2 have been released.

Bedrock was updated to the latest version of WordPress that was released late last night. WordPress 5.1.1 is a security and maintenance release which fixes how comments are filtered and then stored in the database.

Trellis 1.0.2 includes a few minor changes:

  • Improve handling of vars with AnsibleUnsafe (#1071)
  • Update name of Nginx PPA (development to mainline) (#1068)
  • [REVERT] Don’t force install Ansible Galaxy in dev (#1064)

The repo has been updated with the latest versions of Bedrock and Trellis.

Thank you

Thanks for the code and review contributions in the latest Trellis release from:

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