Bedrock 1.12.2 and WordPress 5.1 Released

Bedrock 1.12.2 has been released with support for WordPress 5.1.

WordPress 5.1 was released today and includes a new site health feature to notify users running outdated versions of PHP, performance improvements to the new editor, and some minor development updates.

Version Loading Time KeyPress event (typing)
Gutenberg 4.8 (WordPress 5.1) 13.6 seconds 158.2ms
Gutenberg 4.7 (WordPress 5.0) 15.1 seconds 203.5ms

Source: What’s New in Gutenberg?

Development updates in WordPress 5.1

Some of the development updates in WordPress 5.1 include:

  • Multisite metadata in a new database table called wp_blogmeta with get_site_meta, update_site_meta, add_site_meta, delete_site_meta
  • Cron API updates including new filters for modifying cron storage
  • WP_DEBUG_LOG now accepts a file path as a value (see #18391)
  • New plugin action hooks: plugin_loaded, network_plugin_loaded, mu_plugin_loaded (see #41346)

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