Bedrock 1.12.0 Released

Bedrock 1.12.0 has been released with a couple new features and support for the latest version of vlucas/phpdotenv.

Support database DSN

Setting up Bedrock on PaaS hosting should take a little less time with the new support for defining a DSN.

Bedrock’s config now supports defining a DATABASE_URL, such as mysql://user:pw@host:1234/db_name. This means you can omit defining DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, and DB_HOST.

Reverse proxy HTTPS support

Bedrock now supports detecting HTTPS if serving WordPress behind a reverse proxy.

See ticket #31288 on WordPress Trac and is_ssl() is inadequate in load-balanced environments for more background information.

Use phpdotenv 3.x

Bedrock now uses phpdotenv v3 which required a minor change to the config.

Note: PhilippBaschke/acf-pro-installer will have issues until this PR is merged.

Thank you

Thanks for the code and review contributions in this release from:

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