Get the Roots Share Buttons $24

Let’s face it – clients want them. You can give them what they want without giving yourself a headache.

  • No more external JavaScript dependencies
  • Lightweight CSS & JS
  • Supports custom templates
  • Optional share counts (cached with WordPress transients!)

Roots social share is perfect. It’s lightweight, easily customizable, and it works exactly how I want it to. This is the only social sharing plugin I think is good enough to use on my client’s sites. I highly recommend it.

Mike Collins

Simple admin settings

Easily set button order, automatically include share buttons, and more from the settings page

Roots Share Buttons plugin settings

Get the Roots Share Buttons $24

Why I made this plugin

Social sharing tools are important to lots of clients. Existing WordPress plugins for sharing content are usually slow and pretty bulky.

The Roots Share Buttons are fast. They’re lightweight. They’re easily customizable.

Sharing should be simple & straightforward for visitors. Setting it up should be straightforward for developers.

Developer Ben Word

I’ve worked with several agencies and created countless WordPress sites. I used to work for a website factory and sometimes pumped out three different themes in a day.

I’m all about creating tools that help other developers do their jobs faster.