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Roots now has quite a few projects, and as we’re constantly improving them, it can be difficult to understand how to configure and get them all working together.

As much as we try to provide documentation and support, the easiest way to learn is still to see a working example and some code in action. We’ll be doing more screencasts in the future since nothing beats those for learning, but in the meantime we’re introducing a new project to help answer a lot of questions.

We’ve created a new GitHub repository called roots-example-project.com to show a live, working example of how to use Roots projects together.

roots-example-project.com uses:

  • Bedrock as a WordPress boilerplate
  • Trellis to provision a development environment with Vagrant and to provision and deploy to the production environment on DigitalOcean
  • Sage with Soil

The goal of this project is to show our suggested best practices. One example of this is how/where to compile front-end assets in Sage when deploying your site. By default we recommend compiling these locally and they will get copied over during a deploy.

From now on we’ll be directing people to this repository when questions come up around configuration or integration since it’s always better to show a working example when possible. Suggestions/Issues/Pull Requests are welcome but keep in mind they should be to do with the overall project. Any issues with the individual projects should be brought up on their respective GitHub projects (or on Discourse if it’s support).

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